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Design Innovation

When you need equipment for your manufacturing line, you have several requirements.  First, the equipment’s performance must meet your specifications: Reliably, Efficiently, and with Endurance.  Second, it must be delivered, installed and integrated as scheduled.  Lastly, it must be cost efficient.

When you come to R. P. Gatta, you will discover a personalized, innovative approach to machine design and building that results in perfection... for your most stringent requirements. We create cost-efficient machines that solve your problems without creating new ones.


Ask the Professionals

Yes, we are specialists in the design and manufacture of quality equipment.  In systems integration.  In the installation, startup and service of our equipment.  But primarily in understanding your objectives, and in our creating solutions that will contribute to your success.  If you have a problem, all you need to do is call us.   



We Strive For Perfection

Our experience has taught us that the greatest degree of success is attained when the most time and thought is spent during the engineering process. In other words, we eliminate problems before they are created.  Whether you need one piece of equipment, or an entire line, our goal is always zero problems, from conception to design, manufacture, assembly, testing, installation, startup and service.  You get a reliable, ergonomically-designed machine that looks good and is made in America.