Every piece of equipment contains a great deal of thought and planning, so that when we build it, it works upon installation.  We develop your equipment on 3-D CAD, not on your plant floor.

Raymond P. Gatta, P.E., President


Since 1985, R.P. Gatta, Inc. has been serving the vehicle, engine, agriculture, and heavy off the road equipment assembly plants by assisting manufacturing engineers in resolving daily assembly line production and manufacturing challenges.
We custom design every piece of equipment to meet the customerís needs, their specifications, their facility and their product.
In 1998 we built our  28,000 sq. ft. facility, of which 20,000 sq. ft. is dedicated to welding, fabrication, painting, assembly, and testing of equipment. There are two 5-ton capacity overhead electric traveling cranes to aid in machine assembly, and two docks for shipping and receiving.  


We hold U.S. Patents on Semi-Automatic Line Tracking Bodyside Molding Apply Equipment, Error Proof Pin and Scriber Marking Systems, Intelligent Ergonomic Assist Systems, and on a Hoist/Balancer Twist Grip Pneumatic Control System. We have approximately 30 employees, including several talented mechanical, controls, and software engineers. We are expert panel builders. Our machine electrical control cabinets are built, wired and tested in house to your specifications.

Our products are Computer Aided Designed. Our mechanical and electrical engineers are proficient with AutoDesk Inventor, Unigraphics, I-Deas, AutoCAD, and CadKey formats to suit your in-house system, though we prefer designing the equipment mechanically in 3-D CAD. Our engineering staff is accustomed to designing automation and ergonomic assist systems for vehicles, as an example, conveyed in overhead carriers, power and free conveying systems, front end leading, rear end leading, sidewinder, biased, and flat top conveyor systems.


R. P. Gatta, Inc. is ISO 9001:2000/T.E. and ISO 14001:2004 Registered, and has been awarded Q1 by Ford Motor Company.






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