Corner Module Assembly Machine

PS_ Machine-1

The Corner Module Assembly Machine semi automatically assembles the manually loaded parts in (5) stations situated around a dial table. The machine can has part detection and error proofing in every station to ensure proper assembly sequence of right hand and left hand corner module parts:

      • rotor

      • bearing hub

      • dust cover guard

      • knuckle

      • calipers

      • 6 fasteners

The machine has an integrated (6) spindle torque tool multiple that stores the torque data via the plant network quality system against a part number assigned via a highly reliable 2D barcode reader camera & light system. The rotor and hub are run out with reliable laser readings accurate within 1 micron [~0.0002"]. The machine can be run in one or two operator mode via two operators stations each with their own operator adjustable HMI screens. A third large touch screen diagnostics HMI with and three (3) safety interlocked access doors and (2) PLSs allow for easy  machine maintenance in each station.

4184 Corner Module