Robotic Assembly System

rpGatta has experience in designing an entire Body Assembly Machine. This system involves the includes the custom design and integration of:

  • 6-Axis Robot with Triple Grippers

  • 8 Station Cam Actuated Dial Table

  • Base Frame to mount the robot and all stations

  • In-feed and Out-feed conveyor

  • Reject Gravity Fed Accumulation Conveyor

  • Machined Body Orientation Station

  • Pick-Up Ring Dispensing Station

  • Load/Unload Station

  • Pressure Testing Station

  • Pick-up ring riveting station

  • Bearing & Body Identification/Bearing Place Station

  • Bearing Boss Ring Place Station

  • Bearing & Bearing Boss Ring Press Station

  • Bearing Stake/Lip Roll Station

  • Free Standing Controls Enclosure

  • Safety Guarding with Interlocked Access Doors