Robotic Tube Milling and Marking Sytem
4128- Robotic Tube Milling and Marking Machine 1

Consists of: High temperature marking unit tube flat marking surface machining unit, tube broken end measurement system, robotic positioning system, tube lift and rotate system, 2-D bar code inspection unit, tube straightness inspection system, water cooling system, safety protection, controls system


  • Automatic tool changer controlled by 3 drawbar sensors and double acting pneumatic actuator

  • Pneumatically actuated clamp to hold tube securely during machining and marking operations

  • Utilizing the Robot’s servo motor encoders for displacement feedback, a 3D model of the data is created

  • Custom software to analyze the 3D model to determine how much to rotate the tube to the optimized position for the surface to be machined and marked

  • Tubes are lifted by pneumatically actuated pivot arms mechanically synchronized with a common pivot shaft


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