Urethane Apply Cell
4429-Urethane-Apply        4429-Glass-Load-Station

rpGatta has experience in designing entire urethane apply cells which include the custom design and integration of:

  • Glass Load Station capable of housing and auto-centering 3 pieces of glass at a time for up to 3 different models each.

  • 6-Axis Robot with multiple vacuum cups on the end effector to be able to transport up to 3 pieces of glass at a time. It is capable of picking the glass, moving the glass around the urethane dispensing nozzle, and placing on an unload station table.

  • Urethane Dispensing Station  with an automatic cleaning  function after set number of cycles. As the robot moves the glass components around and beneath the nozzle, the 7th axis servo controlling the nozzle will rotate accordingly to ensure the bead profile is consistent around the perimeter.

  • Glass Unload Station Table where the robot will gently transfer the glass onto set locators then pneumatically actuated to pivot forward for operators of another machine to easily access the glass.

  • Safety Fence and Other Safety Features to keep operators safe at all times during each cycle.

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