Ergonomic Assists
R.P. Gatta, Inc.’s specializes in ergonomic assist ranging from automatic PLC assist to air logic assists. The more challenging the application, the more our design solutions excel at meeting your production, ergonomic, quality, and maintainability requirements. Our PLC controlled assists are capable of:

  • Error proofing the installation sequence to increase quality and safety

  • Line tracking with the vehicle to eliminate part mutilation and increase productivity

  • Automatically setting the part pick and place positions to increase quality and productivity

  • Reducing cycle time through automatic positioning such as auto pick, auto place, auto return home, and even 100% automating the entire sequence

We are experienced integrators with decades of tracking expertise. Since 1985 R.P. Gatta, Inc. has designed and built well over 300 semi-automatic or automatic line tracking machines in vehicle assembly lines that rely on our custom designed tracking mechanisms and PLC controls to provide positional control of the part relative to the vehicle.