Smart Assists
Practical Intelligent Ergonomic Assist
An ergonomic assist that takes practically zero push-pull force by the operator!


Practical Intelligent Assist Device (PIAD), U.S. Patent #7461753

  • No proprietary "black box" controls

  • Utilizes standard controls that meet your plant
    specifications, thus your maintenance department will be
    very familiar with these control components

  • Enhanced positioning and travel capabilities

  • X, Y, Z variable speed load cell joystick control will allow
    operator to quickly and intuitively drive the PIAD

  • Using proven technology, the PIAD can be programmed to
    automatically move from point A to point B, return home,
    and can adjust from coarse to fine movement

  • The PIAD can also be programmed with virtual limits to
    prevent mutilation

  • PIAD's are also line tracking capable

Safety Features

  • Brake arrangement locks PIAD in position when not in use

  • PLS safety laser scanner for optional auto return home

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance

  • Motion is controlled by a joystick that remains oriented to
    direction of travel regardless of I.P. endeffector rotation

  • Diagnostics and maintenance are accessible via a standard
    touch screen display

  • Flexible

  • Unit is easily re-programmable for new processes