10-Spindle Engine Head System
4044- 10 Spindle PIAD 2



  • Ten Spindle Carriage keeps track of tool position throughout the tightening process utilizing laser encoders.

  • System control is achieved utilizing ergonomically positioned thumb joysticks and operator pushbuttons.

  • The control system will incorporate error proofing the process of torqueing the head so that all bolts are properly tightened only once

  • Practical Intelligent Assist Device (PIAD), U.S. Patent #7,461,753B1

    • No proprietary “black box” controls

      • Utilizes standard controls that meet your plant specifications, thus your maintenance department will be very familiar with these control components

    • Enhanced positioning and travel capabilities

      • X, Y, Z variable speed thumb joystick control to allow operator to feather endeffector into position

      • Can adjust from coarse to fine movement

    • Safety Features

      • Unit has an optical two-hand anti-tie down built into handles

      • Brake arrangement locks PIAD in position when not in use

    • Ease of Use and Maintenance

      • Motion is controlled by joysticks that remain oriented to direction of travel regardless of unit rotation

      • Diagnostics and maintenance are accessible via a standard touch screen display

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