Rear Suspension Fastening/Compression System
4256- Rear Suspension Compression and Fastening 1


  • Rear suspension mount equipment utilizes a servo motor and chain powered system for lifting the rear suspension to the body and compressing the springs

  • Capable of lifting 70 kg of parts and compressing the suspension with 365 kg of force

  • Heavy-duty cam follower slides will guide the vertical motion of the lifter as it raises into position

  • Safety bellows surround the lifting mechanism to ensure safety

  • Fixtures manually rotate back under the vehicle and lock into position

  • Safety bump switches activate caliper brakes to safely stop the powered motion in the event that someone or something is in the path of travel

  • A pneumatically actuated centering slide and pivot arrangement allows the suspension to line up with the body and accommodate for variances in the body location in the overhead carrier yet return to a nominal center position

  • Two handed anti-tie down push buttons for cycle start


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