Headlamp Aiming and Calibration
rpGatta has been the North American Sales, Integrator, and Service Representative for L.E.T. since the year 2000.  L.E.T.'s core business is Headlamp Aiming and Final Line Calibration. Since 1967 L.E.T. has been developing state of the art sensors and technology to adapt to the fast changing automotive market needs for renowned car manufactures like Ford, Volkswagen, Daimler, Volvo, Renault, Toyota, BMW, etc.

FAS station image 1Twin APS LVC 1050 2



Our capabilities include:

  • Automatically Positioned Headlamp and Foglamp Aiming Systems

  • Driver Assistance Calibration and Checking Systems:

    • Adaptive Cruise Control or Adaptive Distance Radar

    • Blind Spot Detection

    • Lane Departure Warning or Lane Change Assistance

    • Rear View Camera

    • Multipurpose Camera 

    • Night Vision Camera

    • 360° Surround/Top View Cameras

    • Error Proofing and Diagnostics for Vehicle Height and Position in Cell