Driver Assistance System Calibration
rpGatta has been the North American Sales, Integrator, and Service Representative for L.E.T. since the year 2000.  L.E.T.'s core business is Headlamp Aiming and Final Line Calibration. Since 1967 L.E.T. has been developing state of the art sensors and technology to adapt to the fast changing automotive market needs for renowned car manufactures like Ford, Volkswagen, Daimler, Volvo, Renault, Toyota, BMW, etc.

FAS station image 1Aiming and DAS Calibration

L.E.T. and rpGatta partner to offer complete Driver Assistance Calibration and Checking Systems. Driver Assistance Systems (DAS) are becoming a more and more important in the modern car. We have become heavily involved developing reliable and accurate technology to adjust and calibrate radars, cameras, and other sensors. Often it is convenient to perform all calibration at the end of line during wheel alignment or as separate stand alone units.  DAS calibration systems can be integrated into one cell including headlamp aiming and all other sensor calibration to reduce floor space and controls system costs. L.E.T. for many years has standard calibration systems that mount along side automatically positioned head lamp aiming gantries.

3d DAS System 2HLA-LVS-TM-system-with-mirror-ACC-image1


Radar and Lidar Sensor Calibration:  Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Adaptive Distance Radar (ADR)  sensors measures the distance from and speed of the vehicle in front, and monitors / controls the speed and distance of the source vehicle. Blind spot detection and collision avoidance sensors  are mounted at the back and sides of a car for detecting objects in the closer environment of the vehicle. As such, the driver can be warned if hidden objects may cause a collision or the vehicle may take action to correct the vehicles trajectory.

Our systems are able to used sensor feedback to calibrate radars and sensors by the use of a plate with corner reflectors, that is positioned in Y and Z direction. A later extension with an X movement is possible if required.

360 Degree View

Multipurpose Camera Calibration: Lane Departure Warning, Lane Change Assistance,  Blind Spot Detection, Rear View Cameras, Night Vision Cameras, and 360° Surround/Top View Cameras can all be calibrated by by positioning special targets, templates, reflectors, and special finished surfaces to calibrate sensors and cameras.

Vehicle alignment technology is able to determine the exact height and position of the vehicle regardless of wheel alignment systems accurately calibrate all sensors and provide advanced diagnostics.

Calibration is achieved by utilizing stationary or X, Y, Z dynamically positioned target plates with a special finishing for a correct level of reflection around the vehicle in the  station.

360° Surround/Top View Cameras homogeneous illumination is achieved with homogeneous lighting integrated to unify brightness around the vehicle and calibration can be achieved regardless of extreme lighting conditions.

DAS station


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