Headlamp Aiming Systems
rpGatta has been the North American Sales, Integrator, and Service Representative for L.E.T. since the year 2000.  L.E.T.'s core business is Headlamp Aiming and Final Line Calibration. Since 1967 L.E.T. has been developing state of the art sensors and technology to adapt to the fast changing automotive market needs for renowned car manufactures like Ford, Volkswagen, Daimler, Volvo, Renault, Toyota, BMW, etc.

Twin APS LVC 1050 2HLA-LVS-TM-TWIN-system-with-SCANVAM-image2Lane

Headlamp and Foglamp Aiming System: The LUMINOSCOPE® LVC 1050 is a compact, digital headlight aiming system that can be used both for aiming and auditing the alignment of automotive headlamps. 

It is based on the latest technology of image processing techniques by using an intelligent CMOS camera. The great advantage for the end user is that a PC is no longer required to operate the system. This enhances the reliability of the system and the costs of after – service in comparison to PC operated audit systems.  Communication with plant quality databases allows aiming or audit data to be tracked and automatically uploaded.

The algorithms allow setting of main, dipped, SAE and fog beams for LHD and RHD vehicles according to European, American, Asian and Chinese regulations.

The system is equipped with a control panel, integrating an operator guiding system for positioning the machine in front of the headlamp. The electronic “Position Check” uses photocells around the lens to calculate and control the position of the LUMINOSCOPE® in front of the headlamp.

The criteria that define whether the headlamp is aimed correctly, are fully pre-settable so that the LUMINOSCOPE® LVC 1050 aiming system can be modified to the customer’s needs.

HLA-LVC1050-APS-FM-system-with-railframe-image1LVC 1050Twin Floor Mounted APS LVC

Automatic Positioning System Option:  The LUMINOSCOPE® module for automatic movement and positioning.
Based on the selected vehicle, the LUMINOSCOPE® will move and sequentially position itself in front of the lamps that are programmed in the cycle that corresponds with the car.

The programming of the cycle of each car can be done easily by trained plant personnel.

Software is available for advanced settings such as speed at different levels, impact of track error, frequency of zeroing and many more features.

Automatic Screwdriver (C-DIS) Option: The LUMINOSCOPE® module for computer controlled adjustment of headlamps by electric screwdrivers. May be single or double screw drivers for reduced cycle time.

D.I.S. software offers smart screwdriver-control and parameters for optimal operation and speed.

Different types of headlights can be adjusted with different tools. The selections, once defined 
in the settings, come with the identification of the vehicle.
Screwdrivers with LED lights can be provided for illumination of the aiming screw area in difficult dark conditions.

LCD DisplayScrew Drivers

LCD Monitor Option: An additional 15" LCD touch screen color display mounted on the moving mast shows a real time image and various easy to read messages

The camera image and measurement data are visualised together with a simulation of the cut-off line as calculated by the machine

This “real time” image of the headlamp pattern, together with indicating arrows that visualise in which direction the headlamp must be aimed, allow an easy and precise aiming of the headlamp by the operator

Other Recommended Options Include:

  • Calibration and alignment laser that guarantees proper functioning and accurate aiming results

  • Ticket Printer to log physical record of results (suitable for manually positioned audit systems)


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