Line Integrartion

Robotic Ring Gear Deburring Line

3891E01-001Robotic Ring Gear Deburring Line

  • A Driven Roller Conveyor Feed Parts Into The Deburring Cell From Multiple Upstream Processes

  • Automatic Part Detection Identifies Inbound Parts And Configures The System For Automatic Processing Of The Inbound Part

  • Inbound And Outbound Roll-Over Stations Allow For Deburring On Both Sides Of The Part, Regardless Of How It Is Conveyed Into The Cell

  • Robotic Deburring Station Utilizes Two Robots And Automatic Tool Changers For On-The-Fly Tool Changes

  • Redundant Tooling Allows For Consumables To Be replaced without disrupting throughput

  • Integrated Washer and Blow-off System for cleaning of parts after deburring process

Vehicle Accumulation and Transfer Line

Plant Layout

  • Body Transfer System

  • 470 Feet Of Driven Roller Conveyor

  • Two-Steand Side Winders

  • Vehicle Body Lift

  • Skid Loading System

  • Painted Body Load And Unload

  • 2-Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

  • Lift And Transfers Between Steel & Wood Skids

  • Turntable To Rotate Skids 180º

Crankshaft Machining Gantry Line



  • 650 Foot Long  17 axis Servo Gantry Crankshaft Loading System

  • 14-Crankshaft Loading, Buffer, Crossover and Unload Conveyors

  • Multiple Quality Control Takeout Stations

  • 17 Operator HMIs

  • Integration of dozens of unique machines including bar code marking, data, and  part tracking through grinders, lathes, balancers, hardeners, washers, gauges, mills, laser markers, conveyors, etc.